What is one thing that is typical of children and teenagers especially? They ask questions. Often repeated questions, why’s? building upon why’s? seemingly without end. For some, it can get frustrating—imagine the rattled parent saying “just because!” But that is how we learn, not with memorizing for a test. Yes, we do need to learn a base level of knowledge, so as to not reinvent the proverbial wheel. But even then we have discovered in more recent years that a lot of what we thought we knew in that way really was quite different. And we found out there were a lot of things that we should have known were not communicated to us.

We confuse schooling with education. We think that if you spend enough time in the classroom being taught and passing tests, that you are educated. But if it is just memorized for a test it hasn’t been learned it will quickly fade from memory. But if you are taught to learn, to discover, to research for yourself, those things will stick with you for a lifetime.

In addition to asking questions, remember to explore. To take yourself out into the world and find answers or new truth by your own experience. Let your walking be your asking. Widen your perspective -—who knows you might end up with more questions.