There has been a little controversy over the Toastmasters motto “Where Leaders Are Made.” Some have said that they only want to improve their speaking and have no interest in leadership. But without leaders how would the meetings, the contests, the training, happen? The very organization would not exist without leaders.

Everyone is a leader, whether they know it or not. Every person who gives a speech is leading. They may want to entertain, challenge, inspire, warn, persuade. Any number of motives are there in their words, but the fact that they are seeking to move a  group of people to action means they are a leader.

Even if you are not speaking in front of a group, your very life is demonstrating an example that people will follow. I heard a lot of wise words from my mother that helped build my character. But the bigger impact was the way she lived her life—the example she displayed every day. She lived her words and lead me to be a better person. 

The way you live your life leads. if you strive hard and play fair, people will have confidence that fairness and hard work matter. If you cheat and succeed, some people may be tempted to try the same. If you quit when the going gets tough, some people may be tempted to quit. But if you persist in the face of fierce opposition others will take courage and fight on.

“Never the less, she persisted.”