man climbing cliff

Boldness is the willingness to take risks and act innovatively, to act with confidence or courage. This is a characteristic that is very much needed today. Many people know what is right but they are afraid of taking action to stand for what is right and to oppose what is wrong. We have seen in our nation people unwilling to stand for truth— instead, they fall for lies, even when the truth is clear for all to see. For instance, just last week a congressman state that the January 6th insurrection was just a normal Capitol Hill tourist visit. Despite overwhelming photo and video evidence to the contrary, he persisted in the lie. 

I believe one reason that there was a trial of George Floyd’s murderer, let alone a guilty verdict, was due to the outpouring of protests by people who risked getting Covid to speak out against injustice. They marched by the thousands in the streets all across America, because it was the right thing to do—they could not turn away and ignore it. May their tribe increase.

There are two aspects of Rule of the Road. One is to speak out against evil. The other is to boldly stand out in support of what is right. To have a vision of what could be—how we could transform our society and our environment and take action to make those dreams reality. To break away from the status quo and seek to grow. That is what happened in the 1960’s. People were emboldened to work for change, to break away from the status quo. It didn’t all work, but there was tremendous change. Just look at the Voting Rights Act , the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and Medicaid, and the moon landing.

The first step is to believe that your voice matters, then take the risk to act and encourage others to follow you. One person can make a difference, especially if they get others to follow. Be Bold.

Photo by Jacob_09